The colour of my hair that you ran your fingers through

And clutched and pulled back and


As our legs twirled under sheets stained by first time pleasures

While we navigated through uncharted territory

Discovering hidden treasures;


When my eyes closed as your breath traced my curves and

Perhaps a screech from the wooden sides of the bed

Interrupting our moment of ecstatic silence;


Your eyes when I looked into them and

Saw my reflection in the mirror within, unlike any other

Portrait of myself I had ever seen before;

Raw, exposed, imperfect, in love;


The curvature of your body against mine

As we fitted like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle,

Meant to be that way, maybe not forever,

But, at least for now,


Dreamless slumber,

Palms of my hands that clip your shoulders to my head,

Time running as time does or a tad bit faster,

If only I could trap it in a jar for this once

And keep for a lifetime, this moment;


Insatiated hunger and unfulfilled dreams

And lost passion and misinformed hatred

And unrequited love;


The thunderstorm’s madness,

The serenity of the night;

The insides of my being and the ramblings of my mind;

The shade of my feet, and the road beneath it,

The immediate and the late, the lost and the forgotten,

The notoriety of fate;